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Share the experience through these videos

Training and Mamas

Thank you Canada!
Every class starts with prayers and singing
Ceremonial traditions are part of each day
The day they received seed funding for their VICOBA group (Kidia)
Celebrating program completion (KELASO) - happy mamas for sure!

The Story of the Fish Farm

Purchasing the deal on the purchase of 3 acres. 
Stalking our territory. We also had to dig holes and fill with cement that as drying we inscribed our name
And let there be water. It was a happy day!
Our first double pond filled with water and ready for the fish
Let the digging begin. It took 10 workers 2 weeks to dig our two double ponds.  
And along came the fish. A big day! 20,000 fingerlings - due to harvest January 2022
Digging 90% done. Time to source out our liners (from Kenya)
Tapping into our water supply
Preparation in the works for our next double pond - ready for fish once we have raised the funds

Of Cultural Interest

Weddings are always a time of big celebration. Frequently trucks drive up and down the roads with bands play. Frequently the trucks include the full wedding party. Always happy sounds to hear. 
When tourists finish climbing Mt Kilimanjaro there is always a celebration back at the hostels
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