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OneLove is very appreciative of support from Bicycles for Humanity

In 2020, we received a portion of bikes from both the Edmonton and Calgary chapters (450 bikes per container).  

A portion of the bicycles were used to support communities. This included giving bicycles to:

  • Doctors so they could avoid the dangers of using public transportation and continue to visit hospitals during COVID.

  • Mamas that had graduated our entrepreneurship program. The bikes provided the necessary transportation for them to increase their customer base and access suppliers. 

  • Families in remote areas for transportation to nearby villages to purchase basic needs and/or allowing their children to attend school.


Some bikes were sold in Tanzania, giving us the money to purchase the land for the Summit Samaki Centre.


Bicycles for Humanity sends bicycles to empower disadvantaged communities in developing countries. The organization is run 100% by volunteers who spend hours obtaining and repairing used bikes. Since their inception in 2005 (by a Canadian), they have shipped more than 325,000 bicycles through their 50 chapters in 8 countries.

The support continues

The Victoria chapter of Bicycles for Humanity is now in the process of filling a container committed to OneLove to further support our work. We are hoping for shipment Spring 2022. It costs us approximately $5,000 to ship and import a container. The rewards far exceed this both monetarily and our ability to support communities. 

We need your support. Can you help with a donation or have a used bike to give away? We would love to hear from you. 

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Here is how your support will help:
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Fixing Bikes - promo.jpg

The OneLove Bicycle Empowerment Centre is being modelled after a very successsful operation established by one of our partner organizations (pictures here) - Daraja Foundation in Zanzibar. The shipping containers are ultimately converted into the bicyle centre. 

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Hi One Love Africa foundation,


I'm in Tanzania, one of the people who received bicycles from one love, I received one bicycle for my kids and it helps them a lot especially going to school and they are not tired anymore, also I received one for me, it has a big impact in my life, I'm using it to go to the farm, for physical exercise, I'm no longer walking for long time or long distance. Also other peoples who received these bicycles helping them to go the different markets when doing their businesses also give their children to take them to school especially those schools are far from our village. Thank you – people in Canada are very nice we love you and thank you a lot.

Bike recipient, Village of Newlands

(Note: Unedited)

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Big plans for the 2022 container 

Further support our village mamas with the development of their businesses by providing bicycles (and transportation they do not not have) on an interest-free loan basis. 


Formalize a school and orphanage program where a percentage of bicycles will be donated to the community.

And, the most exciting news - we are opening a Bicycle Empowerment Centre targeted at marginalized youth that will 1) deliver training on bicycle mechanics and welding; 2) provide employment skills; 3) improve the condition of our donated bikes (increase selling prices). We will also offer our Biashara Village Ventures entrepreneurial program to the youth enabling them to start businesses such as bicycle tours, rentals or their own bicycle repair or welding shops. 

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