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Meet the Team

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Salome Muna 
Trainer and Community Coordinator

Dennis Evarist 

Dennis is an experienced teacher and facilitator. With a Bachelor of Education from the Tumaini University, he spent over six years teaching in government schools throughout Tanzania. More recently, Dennis moved into teaching business and accounting to adults in the Newlands area. In addition to teaching Dennis is also an entrepreneur himself and owns a successful duka in his village. He is also kept very busy with his family (a wife and two small children) who he loves to spend time with.

Rehema Lema 
Trainer and VICOBA Lead 
Rehema is a graduate of the inaugural Biashara Village Ventures program in 2010. Since that time she has built (and still owns) five successful businesses (chicken farm, paper bead jewellery, mushroom growing, soap making, duka). This hands-on experience gives her a keen understanding of the challenges facing women staring and managing a business. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Rehema is a skilled trainer and facilitator. Since 2010 she has provided entrepreneurial training to over 6,000 men and women through the 200 VICOBA groups she has formed. 

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Saumu Swai 


Novelia Mminza 

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