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These six Days of Empowment  (approximately 50-60 mamas per day) will further support 300 graduates of OneLove's business program mamas by:. 

  • Providing opportunities to discuss business challenges and identify solutions

  • Introducing ‘peer learning’ as an ongoing, sustainable option for business survival and growth

  • Offerring workshops on a variety of critical topics for well-being of the mamas and their chilldren

  • Providing resource materials and handouts from social support/health NGOs and agencies (currently not accessible by rural mamas)

  • Ensure mamas feel empowered and supported, gain confidence, increase motivation … and … have fun!

The cost for each Day of Empowerment to positively impact 60 women is

$1,200 CAD ($20 per mama) 

This will only become a reality through the generosity of donors and sponsors.

Your consideration in
making a donation of any size is greatly appreciated.  Sponsorship packages available on request.
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6 powerful days
impacting 300 mamas

Step 2 for our Program Graduates
PLUS – an afternoon of workshops on critical topics

Everywhere in the world - the majority of small businesses fail! This is even more of an issue for village women entrepreneurs in Tanzania who often have limited education … do not know where to find answers (or, no transportation funds to get there) -  and no access to the Intenet.   


The long-term solution for rural mama’s MUST be in their ability to learn from each other.

Peer learning in Africa often needs to start with a cultural shift since, in many cases, mamas don't like to share information about their businesses and problems. They worry that a) others might duplicate their ideas; or b) talking about their problems could make others think they are failing as a business owner. Overcoming this mindset and 'experiencing' the benefit is one of the objectives of the day. 


The morning will focus on structured peer learning around business challenges while, in the afternoon, there will be rotating workshop sessions on the following topics:

  • Human rights – women’s rights

  • Dealing with sexual violence and abuse

  • Nutrition

  • Learning self-confidence

Note: Workshop topics were identified based on a survey of 150 mamas from different village areas in the spring of 2023.

Lunches and snack breaks will provide opportunities for networking and teambuilding. And, of course the day will end with celebratory singing and dancing.

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