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There are many ways to get involved. 
Your support is truly appreciated.


Donate flying points

Donate flying points or Air Miles and it becomes the same as cash. Any points used to cover our teams travel expenses will be replaced with the exact same value of cash. Contact us to see how your unused points can be put to a good use.

Invite us to speak

We are more than happy to make a presentation to your group - whether you're an association or informal group of concerned citizens. In addition to sharing the story of OneLove, our presentations include information and pictures about the beauty, and culture of East Africa as well as personal stories of those that live there. 

Donate your empty bottles

If you are from the Victoria BC community - you can have your empty bottles donated to OneLove. We are an approved charity. 

Have a stockpile of bottles or a special event? We're more than happy to do pick ups. Let them know before check-out. 

Charity of choice

Having a fundraising event? Please consider us as your charity of  choice to benefit from a portion of the proceeds. We have professional event planners that can help work with you to ensure the event is even a greater success.

Check out our "wish list"

We always have a 'wish list' of things we need to support our activities or take into Africa during our next visit. Things like toothbrushes, used cell phones, used glasses, etc. all make affordable and easily transportable gifts to pack with us.

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