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OneLove broke ground on the development of the Summit Samaki Centre in March of 2021. The Centre is a sustainable 3-acre pond fish farm (tilapia) that will include a training centre focused on entrepreneurial empowerment programs and be a business and community resource centre for surrounding villages.  

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The problems and solutions - A win-win for all

  • Village mamas often lack technical skills to leverage into a business opportunity after their training. They need skills and/or products to sell. Mamas will be taught the skills to start successful fish businesses. They will be provided with a steady supply of inventory from the farm at below-market prices. Credit will be extended during their start-up phase.

  • OneLove's goal is on strategic growth and long-term sustainability. The fish farm is a social enterprise with all funds going to support OneLove programming. 

  • Businesses need ongoing support to ensure the success of their ventures. 1)  The Centre will offer ongoing free business training and counselling sessions to all businesses in surrounding villages. 2)  A formalized womens peer mentoring program will match experienced owners with those in start-up phase. 

  • Rural communities often lack access to resources and support for their families and the community. The Centre will be available to for community meetings, special events, travelling medical caravans, etc.

The journey to date

And the road ahead


January:  Finalized purchase of 3 acres of ideal land - good location

February:  Let the digging begin on two 30 m x 30 m ponds – all by hand.

March:  Plastic liner installed on Pond #1 (shipped from Kenya).

April:  Water supply pulled up. It took a week to fill the first pond.

20,000 fingerlings (tilapia minnows) arrived. Big day!

June:  Construction started on a small building that includes a toilet, storage area and room for our watchman who resides at the farm full-time.

July:  Pond cover net purchased to protect the fish from hungry birds.

October:  All work on the building completed. 

December: Preparation of pond #2 completed. Filled with 10,000 fingerlings. This shipment were not monosex which means the females will spawn avoiding purchase price in the future.  


September 2022: First fish harvest. The goal is to stock all six ponds and then start harvesting the ponds on a rotating basis. 



Fish in Africa: A Growing Sector 

There is a proven (and growing) need for fish that far exceeds existing supply in Tanzania. There has been an 88% increase in the last decade. This demand will only continue to grow as the population is anticipated to hit 100 million by 2038 – most living on less than $1.90 USD per day. Conditions for other sources of protein (beef, pork, chicken) are problematic. 


Can you help us reach our goals?
We are a grass roots organization. We receive no government funding and are totally dependent on fundraising activities and the generousity of private donors. 

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